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God Has Given Us The Ability To Choose

In everyday life we face hundreds of choices each day. Some of those choices are very easy to make, while others tend to take much more time and effort. Choices like, What do you want for dinner?, often become overwhelming in our simple and sometimes trivial days. Ultimately we make these decisions after a little prodding or encouragement from those that we love. Most of the decisions we make are much more simple and easy to make. Often we make those decisions with very little thought involved. The most beautiful thing about decisions is that God gave us the ability to make them of our own volition. As we are making those decisions it is most important that we ask ourselves if we are making decisions based on self or based on God's Word. In a world full of sin and turmoil, we are given one very important decision that we must make that carries eternal ramifications. It is the same decision that Joshua posed to the Israelites in Joshua 24. "Choose you this day whom ye will serve." God has given each and every man the ability to choose to accept and serve the one and only Lord Jesus Christ or to reject Him. When we speak of free will, this is exactly what the term speaks of. We are forced to choose between good and evil. We are forced to choose between living humbly or a life of excess. Ultimately, we must decide between living for Christ or living for self. The Holy Word tells us that living for Christ means to set aside self and to focus on Godly things. So today, take just a few moments and ask yourself what your decisions are based upon. Are you making decisions based upon Godly things or are your decisions based upon selfish desires.

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